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Here at The Glitter Emporium we're as pleased as punch to introduce our new range of premium Bloom Gin in addition to Gordon's Gin.

bottle-bloom-rose-and-jasmine  bottle-bloom-gin 

Bloom Jasmine & Rose Gin is a limited edition pink distilled gin created by one of the world’s first female Master Distillers, Joanne Moore.  Joanne has selected exquisite floral flavours, with rose giving a distinctive scent from its oil when distilled, and jasmine for its beautifully fragrant aroma when the flower opens.  Best enjoyed over ice with premium tonic water, and garnished with blackberries and mint. 


Bloom London Dry Gin is based on the original London Gin recipe.  Bloom's signature taste comes from the chamomile plant, which gives it a more soothing flavour. It's a multi-awarded light and floral Gin in a pretty bottle, making it a real treat for a gift or to enjoy at home.  Using slightly different botanicals as inspiration, Bloom contains honeysuckle, chamomile and even pomelo fruit to provide a little sweetness to the Gin. 



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