...and our perfect picture boxes...

Whether to commemorate a lost 2- or 4-legged family member, our picture boxes make the perfect tribute and will complement any decor.

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Whether you're looking for glitter everywhere, or just the slightest hint of glitter on the stem, we have just the gorgeous gift for you!

Glitter Potions

New for 2018!  Dazzle the drinkers by adding a dose of our unique Glitter Potions to pretty much any drink!

Available in four fabulous flavours.


Gorgeous, glittery bottles of your favourite tipple!  Wine, Prosecco, Champagne or Cava.  Fancy something stronger?  We also offer Vodka, Gin, Brandy, Disaronno and even Jack Daniels.  None of the above?  How about a beer or cider?

Fabulous New Colours...

The Glitter Emporium is pleased tointroduce three new colours available on ALL products:

  • Gun Metal Grey
  • Raspberry Pink
  • Teal
  • Teal
  • Gun Metal Grey
  • Raspberry Pink
  • All 3 new colours

Fabulous new Gin flavours from Whitley Neill...

Looking for something truly original?  Our new Whitley Neill Gins include:

  • Quince
  • Raspberry
  • Blood Orange
  • Pink Grapefruit
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  • Whitley-Neill-Quince-Gin-Awards
  • Whitley-Neill_BOG_70cl_02-AWARDS
  • Whitley Neill Pink Grapefruit Gin

Gin Glorious Gin...

Why not take a moment to explore the fabulous range of gin we offer?

From good-old Gordons, to blinging Beefeater - not forgetting the elegant Edinburgh gins and our lovely liqueurs!  Have a tipple of Tanqueray or heavenly Hendricks.  Don't forget the wonderful Whitley Neill!

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